Types of Kitchen Sink

Types of Sinks that Exist According to their Materials and Shapes

Types of sinks

Our suppliers do not stop innovating and committing to the development of every one of the elements that make up a kitchen. And of course, the sink was not going to be less.

Do not fall into the mistake of thinking that the sink is a secondary or unimportant element in your kitchen. It is the most used element in the kitchen, in terms of the aesthetic section, it has more and more different types of kitchen sinks offered, both in materials and in shapes or placement.

In this article, we are going to explain everything you need to know to choose the type of sink that best suits the kitchen of your dreams. It has information on materials, shapes, types of placement on the countertop, the most common measurements and some ideas to make the most of the space under the sink.

Materials used for kitchen sinks

Each material available for the kitchen sink has a series of strengths and weaknesses, so you must take them into account to avoid unexpected problems in the future.

The materials that you can use for the kitchen sink are:


Quartz sinks have a wide range of colours to choose from, so their use continues to grow. In addition to its chromatic variety, quartz offers great resistance to all kinds of scratches, knocks and high temperatures.

Quartz can be used both for the sink and for the countertop itself. So if you are looking for an integral countertop, quartz is a great option.

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Stainless Steel

It is the most frequent type of sink, the one of a lifetime.
Stainless steel sinks are characterized by offering good resistance to shocks and high temperatures and being one of the easiest models to clean.
Its weak points are the limited variety of colours it offers, the loss of brightness over time and the appearance of scratches on the surface.

fregadero de acero inoxidable de una cubeta 2
fregadero de cristal vidrio templado

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass sinks are one of the most visual and aesthetic models that exist since they usually combine glass with other elements such as steel.
Glass sinks have a simple cleaning process, but special care must be taken to avoid bumps and scratches.

Fregadero de resina


Sinks made of resin can be adapted to any type of countertop and can be customized with the desired colour and texture.

By contrast, this type of sink lacks good resistance to shocks and high temperatures when compared to other models such as stainless steel.

The Sink

The sink is one of the essential elements in any kitchen and the protagonist, along with the faucet and the countertop, in the washing and food preparation area.


Ceramic sinks are very resistant to knocks and coatings, although if they suffer a very strong impact they can break.

Being so resistant, it is likely that they will end up damaging some piece of your crockery, and, in addition, it is one of the most expensive options on the market.

Marble or Granite

High-resistance marble or granite countertops base their success on this characteristic. In addition, they integrate perfectly with the countertop, minimizing the chances of possible leaks or seepage.

The main drawback of granite or marble countertops is how easily they stain, so daily cleaning is a must.

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