Choosing kitchen colours

Colours to choose

Choosing kitchen colours is not something trivial. It is one of the choices that most affects the aesthetics of our home. Today’s houses are built around the kitchen and are normally the place with the most traffic, even more so when it is integrated with the living room. Our advice is that you spend time on this choice, that you value different options and let yourself be advised by experts.

When choosing colours and shades for the kitchen we must play with multiple elements, the most important being the colour of the modules or furniture, countertop, floor, wall and appliances. Keep in mind that a bad choice in any of them can significantly worsen the result, so the important thing is to find the right combination.

Tips for choosing kitchen colours

If we use dark tones, these should be used in spacious and well-lit kitchens, otherwise, the result will be a gloomy kitchen that can give a feeling of claustrophobia.

Very intense colours can generate fatigue, so they are only recommended for kitchens that are not the central axis of the house.

For small kitchens, light and even pastel tones are the best since they will give us a feeling of spaciousness.

We don’t have to use the same colours for all the furniture, we can play. For example, using different colours for the top and bottom, also using one colour for the doors and another for the module, etc.

The colours of kitchen doors and drawer fronts are the easiest variable to play with. They are very easy to change and are also relatively cheap. At least if we compare it with other elements in the kitchen. With this change, great results can be achieved, and it is the first resource for those who are looking for a change of decoration and do not want to carry out work.

Most often the electrical appliances (never, oven or dishwasher) are found in white or metallic. Metallic usually looks good in almost any kitchen and white is not a complicated colour for this type of element, however, they are not the only possibilities, we can find vinyl or adhesives with which to change the appearance of the appliance. The last thing is the glass doors, which improve the luminosity of the environment. Here the range of colours is also limited: white, grey, black or metallic.

The countertop is an element of great visual importance in the kitchen. There is a universe of possibilities. The choice of material plays a special role, as wear and tear can affect its appearance. Plain colours and original designs have probably fallen into disuse in favour of natural materials such as marble, sand or wood, or common industrial materials such as metal.

As with countertops, there are many options for kitchen floors, from classic ceramics or linoleum to modern laminate floors that multiply the possibilities.

kitchen colour trends

There are currently two strong trends in the kitchen design that stand out from the rest, although they are certainly not the only ones:

choosing kitchen colours

Vivid and bright tones. Using red, yellow, violet or even bright blue tones will allow us to have a kitchen with a cheerful and carefree touch without losing an iota of style. These types of kitchens bring an air of modernity to the kitchen.

Canada COuntertops Blog 4

Light and white tones. This type of tone is used with the idea of ​​achieving a Nordic and/or minimalist style. It has the great advantage that with lighting we will achieve a feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness. The combination of white with light woods, for example, oak or beech, gives a very good result.

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