Japanese bidet, the trend for 2023

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Japanese bidet, the trend for 2023

That bathroom accessory is designed for intimate hygiene, which strikes us as retro, but practical, although with dubious aesthetics Considered a luxury item in the houses of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Will the Japanese bidet be a trend?

The Japanese lid or toilet bidet is what is most often requested. It is the current trend, a single piece that includes both functions.

The point of space has been essential for the bidet to have been disappearing, however, the Japanese cover is being talked about. It is a type of cover, very functional and aesthetic, that fulfills the functions of a bidet.

Japanese bidet

The toilet bidet is what they most often ask for, a single piece that includes both functions. This type of installation is also known as an “intelligent toilet” since most have detectors and automatically activate the jet system.
They are other types of more comfortable and versatile. An attempt has been made to merge the toilet and the bidet, which works well with a very successful and adequate design.

Benefits of using the Japanese bath

Intelligent toilets are designed to provide comfort for children, the elderly or people with reduced mobility. Their comfortable and user-friendly design makes them ideal for any member of the family

It is not necessary to have a large toilet since smart toilets are just the right size to enjoy the benefits of a bidet but with a minimalist structure, which will make your bathroom look much more graceful

They are ecological and economical

Japanese toilets contribute to the care of our planet since they use only 3 litres of water for each flush, more than 80% less water than a traditional toilet.

Likewise, it considerably reduces the use of toilet paper and wipes that damage the environment (and are usually scarce in times of pandemic), in addition to significant economic savings.

If we think about the future, the cost of including this type of toilet in our shopping centres, schools, companies and homes will be worth it if we look at the large numeral of benefits they provide.

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