Small Modern Kitchens

Small Modern Kitchens

Small Modern Kitchen Ideas

How to make your small kitchen look bigger?

When you have a small modern kitchens, the first thing you may notice is that the space feels cluttered. To make your small kitchen feel bigger, you need to make sure you have plenty of storage options and that everything has a place. Not only will this help your kitchen look neater and cleaner, but it will also make the space appear larger.

Choose cabinets that blend into the walls

cabinets that stick out into a small space sure makes it look even smaller. Instead, use cabinets the same colour as the walls to create, a seamless look that will make see your kitchen more prominent.

Opt for a light-coloured floor

Choose a light-coloured floor so that the bed and cabinets do not visually dominate the rest of the room.

Preference for light-coloured countertops

Dark countertops will make your kitchen feel closed in, but light-coloured countertops will help your kitchen feel bright and airy.

Take advantage of vertical space

You may not be able to add a lot of extra space to your small kitchen, but you can take advantage of vertical space to make the room appear larger. Hanging pots, pans, and utensils will open up the space and make your kitchen appear more spacious.modern


The importance of colour in small modern kitchens

A colour scheme can completely change the look of your kitchen. This is because the colours you choose will affect the amount of light in your kitchen, which will then affect the lighting in the room.

Warm and cool colours

The first thing to consider when choosing a colour scheme for your small kitchen is whether you want warm or cool colours. Warm colours are usually red, orange, and yellow, while cool colours are usually blue, green, and purple.

Contrasting colours

When choosing colours for your kitchen, you can also opt for contrasting colours. This means you can use a warm colour like orange with a cooler colour like blue to create an interesting and bold look that will make your kitchen feel more spacious.

Neutral colours

Neutral colours are ideal for small kitchens as they don’t clutter the kitchen or make it seem smaller.


When choosing a colour scheme for your small kitchen, it’s important to consider lighting. This is because different types of light will affect the appearance of colours in your kitchen differently

Use unique items to decorate a small space.

One of the best ideas for small kitchens is to use plants to decorate your kitchen. Plants look great in any kitchen, no matter how small, and are a great way to add a fresh look to your space. You can use plants to decorate the kitchen table or benches and they will look great in any space. Another great idea is to use colorful plates, cups, and other kitchen decor items. Using unique items like these will help make your kitchen feel more authentic and inviting.

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