Bathroom for Seniors

Bathroom for seniors and dependent people

Are you already thinking about a bathroom for Seniors? Do you need a bathroom for a person with reduced or dependent mobility? What elements in the bathroom should be taken into account? Are you interested in the answers to these questions we just asked you? Well, we will solve them in this article. Keep reading because it will be of great interest to you.

The most important thing is that there is enough space to maneuver quickly, both the elderly or disabled person and their companion. Floors must always be non-slip, and bars and other elements must be placed strategically to be grasped while cleaning.

Bathroom for seniors

Consider the Bathroom Chair for the Senior.

If you have people with reduced mobility or dependents in your home, it’s a good idea to place a bath chair inside the shower tray so that everything is more comfortable for that person.

Also, you should keep in mind that grooming times will be longer. We also recommend placing this bathroom chair in other areas, such as in front of the sinks and mirrors, so that it can comfortably complete your bathroom.

More Bathroom Accessories for Seniors

Of course, others within the shower tray will be essential, such as accessories to hold onto and have more stability.

Another fundamental element is the screen. We recommend glass ones to the light does not diminish in any corner of the bathroom.

Be sure to place a tilting mirror so the person with reduced mobility can complete their tasks.

toilets for seniors 3

Countertops are also an important part of a bathroom suitable for the elderly. These countertops have a variety of features specially designed to improve user safety. They include a non-slip surface, rounded edges to prevent injury, ample storage spaces, and a safety bar to help users get up. In Canada Countertops you can find them

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