Outdoor Kitchens: Maximum Features and Comfort

Outdoor Kitchens: Maximum Features and Comfort for your Outdoor Meals

Is there anything better than enjoying an aperitif or a meal outdoors with family and friends? Yes: that does not imply having to take walks to the kitchen at home in search of plates, glasses, trays, drinks, ice… And the prepared dishes. An outdoor kitchen will make your work easier (leaving only the pleasant part of the experience and avoiding the session of steps in duplexes and rooftops).

Outdoor Kitchens

Basic Equipment

The great advantage of enjoying an outdoor kitchen is having everything at hand and can leave it collected when it is not needed. Whichever design you decide on, the necessary elements are a sink (for preparing food and washing dishes afterwards), cupboards to store all the kitchenware, a fridge to keep cold drinks and, of course, a barbecue, grill or even oven, depending on what you like to prepare.

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Plan What Uses you Will Give It.

The design of your outdoor kitchen should start with a wish list that responds to the uses you will give it, taking into account where it will be located. Thinks about your needs and keep in mind that its distribution does not have to be the same as that of a conventional kitchen since the preparation of meals has a more animated component, so it has to be comfortable and allow contact with the guests. Thus, consider placing modules with wheels, which you can move anywhere, or, if space is not a problem, design a kitchen with an island that also serves as a bar to eat or have an aperitif.

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Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Betting on an exclusive model designed for your exteriors is the best way to adapt to the available space and customize its equipment to the maximum. In these cases, the usual thing is a masonry structure (which can also be adjusted to the style of the rest of the house).

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Low-Cost Solutions

There are outdoor kitchens for all budgets, from too luxurious options to more affordable ones. If you don’t have a lot of budgets (or little space), choose a simple and visually light structure in stainless steel, here with modules for the barbecue and sink as storage shelves.

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Much More Than Stone

Natural stone is the classic material for outdoor countertops. Not only is it highly resistant to UV rays, water, ice and sudden temperature changes, but it is even resistant to fire. At Canada Countertops, you will find a variety of countertops for your outdoor kitchen

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