Reduce Expenses In Your Kitchen Reform

Are you going to renovate your kitchen? Reduce Expenses In Your Kitchen Reform

Reforming the kitchen is always a good idea, especially if we have to cover new needs that the current design does not allow. However, the price can skyrocket and make the reform of a necessity become a headache. For this reason, we propose a guide on how to reform the kitchen successfully and at a much more affordable price.


Don't Remove The Tiles

Use the self-supporting coatings

They consist of a structure to which the finishing material is screwed.

False ceiling.

On the ceiling, you can install a false ceiling made of plaster, tongue and groove wood or plywood.

If You Do Not Tile The Walls You Can Save

You better use an anti-stain paint

You can also paint the furniture or doors, thus avoiding changing them. Wallpapering is another option; choose a vinyl model to make it easier to maintain.

cocina en colores neutros

Keep The Current Layout

The less you vary it, the more you can take advantage of the water and gas installations, lighting and other resources that you already have in the kitchen.


It is the most economical distribution and one that best adapts to the space, leaving fewer useless holes.

Open to the living room.

This type of distribution means that you do not have to build new partitions or put doors, so the savings are important.

The Faucets And Accessories

You can invest in these items and notice a great renovation and improvement of the kitchen without having to spend too much budget on them.

A New Faucet

It seems like a minor element, but it also defines the style of the kitchen. That is why it is advisable to invest in a good faucet


In the kitchen, there is also room for decorative accessories: pictures, lamps, and rugs. Highlighting a wall with chalkboard paint also helps to give a special touch

Reduce Expenses In Your Kitchen Reform

Adjust To Standard Measures

Everything that is made to measure becomes more expensive. Therefore, everything that can be adjusted to what manufacturers or stores already have in stock will mean considerable savings in money and time.

The countertop

Try to buy it with a standard length because the ones with special measures go up in price and take longer to arrive.

If You Can, Put An Island.

Try to buy it with a standard length because the ones with special measures go up in price and take longer to arrive.

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