Windowless Bathroom

Windowless Bathrooms that Managed to Look their Best

Do you feel identified when in a home decoration magazine you can’t find any bathroom that looks like the interior bathroom you have at home? Bathrooms without windows can also be beautiful and attract everyone’s attention, if you don’t believe it…don’t miss this post!

windowless bathrooms

A wall of advantage

Not having windows in a bathroom can be an advantage when distributing the space, you can install a shower and take advantage of the old bathtub space to install a washing machine. The example in the photo excites us since there are very few square meters but it is very well used.

Between plants and wood

An extra bit of light when it comes to multiplying a space that already has a good mirror is to use shiny materials or materials that in some way reflect light. Sparkly tapware, decoration or a wall covering with glitter effect glitter panels.

Simple and useful

This bathroom couldn’t be simpler, with white tiles and a gray floor, a hanging sink and a discreet toilet. The key to improvement is to use warm materials such as wood or fibre and invest in cozy fabrics, such as towels or a good quality rug.


There may be someone for whom this type of separation reminds them of the past, but glass blocks for walls are back. There are many versions in colours or shapes, but they are a good tool to reflect light and separate spaces without anything being seen.

100% white

It may sound cliché, but a bathroom without windows will look larger and more spacious if it is designed in white. We can always include details of bolder colours or accessories that give character to the space, but white as a base is a sure hit.

These are some examples of windowless bathrooms that will look their best. We hope they have inspired you and given you ideas to renovate your own bathroom. Remember that at Canada Countertops we offer you the best countertops for your bathroom, with a wide variety of materials, designs and prices. Contact us and request your quote.

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